Charges That A Drug Defense Attorney Fights

Whether it is just an ounce or more than that, if you have been convicted with trafficking, possession or any other controlled-substance related offense, contacting a drug defense attorney immediately is advised in your best interest. Many of such crimes are categorized as felonies in the eyes of law, which can land you behind the bars for years and leave a permanent mark on your record. Even if you are a first-time offender for using drugs, you will receive a harsh penalty not matter in which state you live. Four most common charges related to illegal substances are:


Possession: Possession of drugs for personal use has the most sympathetic sentencing out of all categories of illegal substance-related crimes, especially for those who are doing it for the first time. Repeated offenders can face jail time, and the amount and type of substance found on him or her are one of the determiners for sentencing.

Possession for Sale: You may be charged with possession for sale if a huge amount of drugs were found on your property. Regardless of the fact that whether you are a dealer or not, it won’t matter to the arresting police officer.

Distribution: Punishment for selling illegal drugs is much worse than possessing it. This is because the way in which these criminals get caught. They normally get caught while selling to an undercover police officer.

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Manufacturing: Manufacturing illegal drugs results in severe consequences like jail time, fines, community service, and probation.

It is very rare that you receive maximum sentencing, especially if you are the first-time offender, repeat offenders and individuals who were convicted for committing repeated crimes will face severe consequences. Felonies or misdemeanors on your record can result in ugly outcomes including difficulty in renting a place, finding a job and even securing a loan. Just being arrested and getting charged doesn’t mean that your case is closed, you must appear for the trial. So, you would need a defense attorney to make sure that you receive appropriate guidance on legal matters.


Criminal Defense Attorney: How Can He Support Your Case?

A corporation, group or an individual may be charged with an act of crime. There are several causes for a charge of felony or misdemeanor which can be brought against a person or corporation. A criminal defense lawyer may be hired personally or appointed to the defendant. A person may be charged for robbing someone. The responsibility of the lawyer is proving that the case of prosecution against her or him is not true. The attorney will present proof in the form of medical records, physical evidence, employment records and witness testimony to show that the client was not the person who the prosecution is making to be. When it is a client versus a business, the client may have claimed that the company is holding their profits purposefully. It is the attorney’s responsibility to present all the evidence of the company that they were within the rights to recover funding of the project or reveal how they plan to repay the person.


A criminal defense lawyer must take up the task of finding the physical evidence, medical records, police records, witness accounts and examples to support the testimony of his client. He or she may represent a group, company, corporation or an individual in their defense against the charges either because of malicious intent or negligence. An attorney may be a public defender, who is designated to cases by the court. A public defender is designated to people who cannot afford to hire a lawyer. But, a criminal defense lawyer may be employed or hired personally by a person or company to solve legal situations.

Criminal defense lawyer act as legal mediators, court representatives, and counsels throughout any case. They present proof in support of the innocence of their client in front of the court of law and jury. Every client may not be innocent, but with the belief that all are innocent until proven guilty that these attorneys defend the clients with all the resources and knowledge they have.

Get Out Of False Accusations With The Help of Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

If you are accused of domestic violence falsely, it can have a terrible effect on your life. It gets worse if the kids are involved in it. The charges are utilized in messy divorce cases as a form of leverage. The law is not clear on what constitutes domestic violence, anything from jealous behavior to criticism can come under this category. If a person is preparing a domestic violence case against you, you must hire the services of a domestic violence defense attorney as soon as possible. Domestic violence can come up during any type of fight. Due to a fight at home, you could even get arrested and this could have negative outcomes throughout your life. It needs small evidence against you to land you in jail, so it is better to be prepared with an attorney.

Things that domestic lawyer can do

The law of domestic violence can be confusing. An attorney will be experienced in handling in such cases. It falls under civil law category in some states and in some states, it falls under a criminal charge. Since it is so confusing to understand, let a legal person handle the matters for you.

An attorney can help you to understand and know your rights. He or she can also advise you on what not to do and what you must do while speaking with the person who is pressing the charges. Since they are preparing a case against you, you need to be careful while communicating with them. Attorneys will help you in preparing all the necessary documents. When the case goes for trial, it can turn out into a mess. So, it is important that you have all the documents ready. If the person who is filing the case against you is more organized than you, this will affect your case severely. So, hire an attorney and be ready with every single document.